Status of Construction of Project


The list of work activities completed till date are as follows.

- River Diversion.

- Up Stream and Down Stream Coffer Dams.

- All the HRT Adits except Adit V.

- Main Access Tunnel

- Cable Ventilation Tunnel

- Intermediate Adit Pressure Shaft.

- Adit to BVC, TRT and Pressure Shaft Bottom



 MP-2 Package (Electro-Mechanical Works) progress is achieved up to 48.2% which includes completion in engineering, manufacturing/procurement and transportation of some of the E & M components and some are undergoing.

 Transmission Lines Status of connectivity of the Project with the grid for power evacuation 

132 kV Transmission line from Nikachhu Project pothead yard to Mangdechhu project pothead yard for power evacuation was awarded to BPC. But as per the directives of DHI and BPC Board, BPC has awarded the erection work of transmission line to CDCL. The Contract was signed between BPC and CDCL on July 26, 2017 at Nu. 113.862 millions.